About this well known Canadian Photographer

Fine art photography by Canadian photographer Hans ArnoldHans Arnold has photographed for 44 years from his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to places far and remote. He is one of the premier Canadian landscape and nature photographers.

He has photographed professionally since 1979 while holding a full-time job as a Facilities Project Manager in a large Manitoba school division. Since his retirement from the division in July 2009, he has immersed himself in photography, teaching and presenting workshops. He teaches school children the art of seeing the world through a camera. His courses have enriched the lives of thousands of children and hundreds of adults through comprehensive workshops.

Hans is often called upon to lecture at Manitoba camera clubs as well as organizations connected to the tourism trade, corporations, associations, and local camera clubs in Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona. He is a renowned photo judge including the Air Canada enRoute Photo Contest, the Manitoba Camera Club and the Manitoba Red River Exhibition Photo Contest.

His active role in giving back what he has learned is one of his inspirations. This process has assisted in creating his unique style of photography. He creates his own prints and frames them with the best technology available. His current genre of photography is mainly landscapes and nature including character portraits.

He has produced 2 high quality self published coffee table books. “ Wish You Were Here, A Photographic Journey of the Canadian Landscape “ in 2004 and  “Up North, Manitoba’s Last Frontier”, published in 2013,

From 2007 to 2016 he has journeyed to the Ukraine, Scotland, Germany, France, Ireland, Africa and at least half of the states in the United States of America, including all the provinces in Canada. He has inventoried 70,000 usable images to date. From this impressive gallery he has produced numerous workshops, presentations and stock images for many publications and calendars. He continues to photograph the landscape and its cultures wherever he and his partner have the desire to travel..

Most of his photography is printed and sold as limited edition fine art for corporate, government and clients that simply are attracted to his unique style and subject matter. His images are showcased across Canada and the USA and are becoming collectors pieces regarded as some of the finest outdoor photographs available from a Canadian photographer.

I want you to be inspired as a photographer, learn from my mistakes, learn from yours and above all strive to be different and unique in your own way “.

Hans Arnold