Purchase Fine Art Photographs and Books

All images on this website can be purchased as either Fine Art Pints for wall décor or as Digital Files.


Purchase the new coffee table book “Up North – Manitoba’s Last Frontier” from this page.

Fine Art Photographs

Prints made from images on this website will only be sold as “Limited Edition”. This means that each image has a 50 print limit regardless of the size. Each print is authenticated by the artist and ensured that it is of the highest archival quality with a life expectancy of its original colors to be 60 years or more.

Paper Options

Every fine art photograph is printed on high-end commercial ink jet printers using the best inks and papers. All images are available in your choice of:

  • Satin / Luster – a low gloss, slightly pearl textured paper. Excellent for fine art photographs display under glass.
  • Metallic – a unique high gloss finish with crisp silvery tones that will highlight colors and provide additional detail in shadow areas.
  • Ultra Smooth Matte – an acid free high quality paper without any sheen. Designed for fine art photographs that do not require a glass covering.
  • Canvas – A traditional canvas texture finished with a satin or semi gloss laminate that preserves original colours to the maximum. All canvas prints are mounted on a stretcher frame ready for hanging with or without decorator framing.
  • Hahnemulle Rag – a very high quality 100% cotton paper with a smooth textured surface designed specifically for fine art photographs.

Sizes of prints start at 11”x14” and continue to 42”x60”. Larger prints are available upon request. The finished dimension of the print is determined by the actual print file ratio. Not all images are equal in width and height.

Pricing Fine Art Photographs

Pricing is based on size and paper choice. Below are several examples. Taxes are extra.

Print OnlySatin/LusterMetallicUltra Smooth MatteHahnemulleCanvas
11 x 1455.0072.0060.0085.0090.00
16 x 2085.00105.0090.00120.00125.00
24 x 30210.00235.00200.00260.00265.00
30 x 60560.00605.00515.00635.00640.00

Custom size prints vary greatly in between all the above sizes. The above prices are only a guideline.

Drymounting, lamination and framing is extra. For detailed information regarding these items please send your inquiries here.

Digital Files

All images are available as high resolution digital files. Prices are based on industry standards and are available upon request.

If you have a specific image that you  require and it is not on this website, please contact us and we will search our database for possible matches.

Shipping & Handling Fine Art Photographs

All prints can be sent anywhere around the world. For detailed information regarding local or international shipping & handling rates please contact us here.